Text Messaging service - how to register-St Aldhelm's Pharmacy Tel: 01373 455436

St Aldhelm's Pharmacy Tel: 01373 455436

Text Messaging Service

We offer a free text messaging service. To register for this, send a text to us with your
                                      Firstname   Lastname   date of birth and the word register, eg
Donald Duck 12/03/1915 register

to our texting number 07730 439152
Please don't include middle names or any punctuation.
'What happens then?'     ..... You will get an automated reply confirming the service is started.
'Can more than one member of my family use the same number?'  .... Yes, just send a different registration text for each person you want to use this number for texts from us.
'When will you text me?' ..... As soon as prescription items are ready for collection, a text will be sent to you.  If several people use the same number, we will send the first two initials of the relevant person.
'If I forget to pick up my medicines, will you remind me?' ...We dont want to send too many messages out to you, but we will send out one reminder if your medicines have been on our shelves more than a few weeks.
'If I don't need the service any more, how do I stop it?'  .... Just text the word STOP to us.
'You can let me know when flu vaccines are available - how do I ask for this? .... Text  FLU REMINDER to us.
'Can I set up other reminders for myself?' .... As many as you like.  Text REMIND ME, then whether once or repeatedly, how often, and what the message is to be.  We will send you that message back at the right time, either just once or repeatedly as you wish.  The next four examples show what you can do:
REMIND ME IN 6 MONTHS get a new prescription ....Six months from now we will send you a message saying 'get a new prescription. We will only send this once.
REMIND ME EVERY 3 WEEKS medications need ordering.... Every three weeks we will send you a message saying 'medications need ordering'.
(to set up the right reminder, you can use the word 'IN' or 'EVERY', followed by a number and then the time interval (eg days, weeks, months or years), and finally the message you want back which can be up to 100 characters long).
REMIND ME   ..... We will send you a text listing all of the reminders you have set up, each preceded by a number.
REMIND ME STOP 2 .... Will cancel the scheduled reminder which has the number '2' before it.

Our mobile texting number is : 07730 439152
Please note that we will never send any confidential or identifying details, details of any  medications or even that we are a pharmacy.
When you receive your first text from us we suggest you save our number as 'St Aldhelms' to help identify future messages from us.We hope you find these functions useful, if you have any comments, or ideas for improvements please do let us know.
Please note this mobile number is not attached to a physical phone, and cannot be answered and no message can be left