Home Delivery Registration-St Aldhelms Pharmacy Tel: 01373 455436

St Aldhelms Pharmacy Tel: 01373 455436

Home Delivery Registration

To register for home deliveries it would be very helpful to us if you first signed up for our messaging service
- it only takes a minute to do.  It allows the system to process your request automatically and reduces the workload for our staff.

Once you have received confirmation that you are signed up for our messaging service (which will come in just a few minutes if your text is sent to us in the way we request.... or a day if it isnt as we have to go through it by hand) then send another text saying the single word DELIVERY to our texting number which is 07510 548119.   Please dont include any other words in this text or else it confuses the system!

And that is it - when that text is received by us we will put you down for home deliveries, and any outstanding items which are on our shelves will be pulled off and delivered to you the next day.

If you have not registered, or cant register for our messaging service you can still send a text to us with the word DELIVER to the same number.  But you will need to also tell us your name and date of birth as we wont know who you are otherwise. These ones will take longer for us to register so please sign up for the messaging service
if you can first.