Text Messaging Service-St Aldhelms Pharmacy Tel: 01373 455436

St Aldhelms Pharmacy Tel: 01373 455436

Messaging and Communication Service

     We provide a free messaging service to let you know your prescription is ready for collection.

     After you have registered, we will let you know
                 - when we have received an electronic request from your doctor (a small number are not electronic)
                 - if preparation of your prescription is delayed because we are waiting for stock
                 - when your items are ready for collection or delivery

     We have been using text messages for this but we are finding they are often not being delivered, so we would prefer to use email which is more robust and in our experience delivered more reliably.

     If you need to use an sms this is still an option, but we would prefer not to if possible.

    How to register
     To register for the service, send a text message to 07510 548119 giving your firstname, lastname and date of birth followed by the word REGISTER and your email address.

     Registration is fully automatic, if the message has the appearance and layout of the sample one below. Otherwise they are processed manually and this will take longer.
                                        Thomas Jones  12/08/1956 REGISTER tjjones@gmail.com
           Please dont include any other shortened names or words, and use /   rather than any other characters to separate you date of birth.

         If you arent able to use an email address, and need to use your phone to receive messages, just leave out the email address from this message.
       Once we have successfully registered you for the service, you will get a confirmatory message which will also tell you if any items are already waiting to be collected.
       If you prefer, you can register at our pharmacy - just ask one of the staff.

     How to stop the service
     To stop the service, please just text a message with the single word STOP in it to 07510 548119.

     How do I change how messages are sent to me

      To get your messages via email -

      Just send a text to to 07510 548119 with your email address - dont include any name or other details, just your email address like this:

      To get your messages via text Send us a a text to 07510 548119 with the two words  as below:         
     USE SMS

     What else can be done with our messaging system

     Send a text to 07510 548119 with 

         INFO               ... to find out if you are down for home deliveries and details about current prescriptions.

         QUERY    question goes here      .... to send us a message or ask us a question. For example:

                                                QUERY are you open on Sunday?    

This will make a message come up on our screens with your question - your phone number tells us who it is from. Any replies will come to your email address if you told us that is how you want to receive messages, or text otherwise.

        DELIVER         ....we will mark your records as needing delivery, and pull of any items on our shelves to deliver the next day.

        COLLECT        .....we will remove the delivery flag from your records so items are left on our shelves for collection.


We hope you find this service useful, and welcome any feedback as to how to improve it further.